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CNC Milling Machine Parts And Components Milling

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CNC Milling Machine Parts And Components Milling


CNC Milling Machine Parts And Components Milling


The CNC milling machine parts and components are made of CNC machine or lathed. Machining is a part of the manufacture of many metal products, but it can also be used on materials such as wood, plastic, ceramic, and composites. A person who specializes in machining is called a machinist. A room, building, or company where machining is done is called a machine shop. Much of modern-day machining is carried out by computer numerical control (CNC), in which computers are used to control the movement and operation of the mills, lathes, and other cutting machines.


CNC milling machine EV series is suitable for machining, mold manufacturing and many other fields. Lixincheng CNC machinining center EV series with high precision and high efficiency features, can be adapted the requirments from the rough processing to finish processing, to complete the milling, drilling, attack, boring and other processes. Machining center EV series widely used in aerospace, military, molds, automobiles, Internal combustion engines, textile machinery, chemicals, petroleum, electronics and other industries machining.



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